The Technical Accelerator Award (TAA) supports early-stage projects developing proof-of-concept or additional scientific results that can be used to support later-stage product development projects.
The Product Development Award (PDA) is supports late-stage product development projects, in development stages of Phase I and onward.

While the target disease areas and investment priorities of the two Awards are the same, the Awards differ in details as the table below.
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Technical Accelerator AwardProduct Development Award
Development StageProof of Concept*/PreclinicalPhase I and onward
Project durationUp to 24 monthsUp to 36 months
Project budgetUp to 500 million KRWUp to 50% of total project cost
(4 billion KRW max.)
Call Frequency**Twice a yearOnce a year
*Scientific verification of an innovative idea prior to a bigger development plan
**Schedule may be subject to change

Eligible Development Stages